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All men should ask themselves, before they die, what they are running away from, what they are running towards, and why.
ďI guess the people who are always trying to prove something are the ones who really donít believe it.Ē Ė Matthew Lipman

this video is a universe


Living Small or Living Large

You can spend your life fussing over your own piddly cellular needs, but in the grand scheme of things, it wonít be anything to write home about. No matter what you do or donít do as an individual, itís just not going to matter that much.

The same can be said of any cell in your body. At the individual level, a single cell isnít particularly important.

Imagine asking a cell in your body what heís doing with his life, and he talks about the Bloodstream Marketing course heís taking and how excited he is about all the extra sugar heíll earn from his efforts. Oh boy!

But will his efforts pay off? Probably not. If he isnít getting his needs met, thereís probably a good reason for it. The larger body will see that his needs are well met if thereís a good reason to do so. Otherwise it will divert resources where theyíre needed.

This is how silly we humans appear to universal consciousness. It still cares about us and wants to see us happy for the most part, but it finds our cellular perspective to be rather limiting. If you push to get your individual needs met, but you do so in ways that the larger body doesnít care about or which may interfere with its bigger plans, it will either ignore you, or it will swat you down like a mosquito.

Imagine if a cell in your body said, I just want to eat food and reproduce like crazy. That might seem fun from his perspective, but then the larger body has a tumor to deal with. Send in the white blood cells.

If you feel like some greater force keeps knocking you back down every time you try to get ahead, youíre not imagining it. It really is knocking you back down, and it will continue to do so until you stop trying to get ahead like a cancer cell would. Have you ever noticed, for instance, that as soon as you try to make progress on cancer-like projects, you keep getting distracted, so your attention has to turn somewhere else?

Quite often we cry ďLife is so unfairĒ when from a larger perspective, itís a no brainer that life is either going to ignore us or attack us. Humanityís white blood cells will come after us and make life unpleasant for us when we forget that weíre part of a larger whole and that its well-being is more important than our individual well-being.

Now imagine if an individual cell in your body said to you, ďWait a minute. I get it. I may be just a tiny cell, but Iím a part of this whole body. Thatís cool. Is there anything I can do to help?Ē

What would you say to it? You might wonder what one conscious cell could do for your whole body. Not much most likely. But then you might think, What if this cell could wake up many others, and what if those cells could awaken still more? Eventually you could have a body filled with cells that were aware of the whole body and seeking to serve it. This would fix a lot of your problems. Youíd have much better health for starters. Cancer wouldnít be able to take root. Most diseases would be eradicated easily. Youíd always be able to maintain your ideal weight.

So you might tell that one conscious cell, ďGo around and wake up more cells. Gather them together. Then weíll talk.Ē

Subjective Reality vs. Solipsism
September 16, 2007 by Steve Pavlina

I want to make a distinction between subjective reality and solipsism, since many readers still confuse the two. I think the best way to explain the difference is by way of a simple analogy: lucid dreaming.

Imagine youíre having a lucid dream. This means youíre lying in bed having a dream, and while still within the dream world, you become conscious and aware that youíre dreaming. In the dream you might be playing some role other than your real-life persona, but you know the real you is lying in bed asleep, and that your dream persona is just a character you can control.

Even while youíre lucid, you probably canít control everything, nor would you necessarily want to, but the knowledge that youíre dreaming gives you a fascinating new perspective on your in-dream experience. You can interact with the dream reality on a whole new level. Iíd say the main difference is that you become virtually fearless, since you know that nothing in the dream world can hurt the real you ó the dreamer whoís having the dream. It will still feel scary to fall off a building, and a hard landing may still trigger the sensation of real pain, but youíll be a lot more willing to try interesting things just for the experience.

Subjective reality = lucid dreaming while awake

Subjective reality is basically lucid dreaming while awake. Itís not really a belief ó it would be more accurate to say that itís a perspective.

Subjective reality is the perspective that recognizes that you are in fact the dreamer and that everything you perceive in the dream world, including your dream body and the other dream characters and objects, is taking place within your larger consciousness. When youíre fully lucid, you know that the dream character you control isnít the real you ó the real you is asleep on a bed somewhere, having the dream. Your dream body is merely your first-person interface to the dream world, a construct of consciousness. If your dream body gets hurt, you may still feel the pain. If it experiences pleasure, you may feel the pleasure. If something in the dream startles you, you may feel that emotional reaction. But when that dream body dies, the real you lying in bed remains alive, and you simply wake up.

The non-dream version of subjective reality, the one Iíve described in my previous writing on the topic, is basically the same concept of having a lucid dream, except that you apply it to waking physical reality instead of your nighttime dreams. In effect you become lucid while physically awake, recognizing that thereís another layer of dreaming and that this physical reality is also fully contained within a larger consciousness, and that outer consciousness is in fact the real you. Your physical body-mind is merely your first-person interface to the dream world.

Once you reach this level of lucidity, everything changes. Youíre still experiencing reality ó it doesnít simply stop ó but because you recognize it as a dream, youíre able to interact with it on a whole new level. You will still experience pleasure, pain, and fear as you react automatically to in-dream events, but because you know youíre really the outside dreamer who cannot be truly harmed by anything within the dream, you begin to relate to life from a state of inherent fearlessness.

When people experience their first lucid nighttime dream, itís normally a very exciting experience. I can describe the feeling as one of exhilarationÖ like, ďWow! Iím dreaming. This is absolutely amazing.Ē Once you get a grasp on that perspective, itís such a wonderful feeling you never want to let it go.

When you have a seemingly negative experience while lucid dreaming, like you get beat up by another dream character, on one level you may still experience some fear or other negative emotions. But on another level, your knowing that itís all a dream adds an element of enthusiasm and fun to everything. Itís like playing a video game. In a very immersive game, when something bad happens to your character, it can be frustrating, but itís still fun. This is the perspective I described in The Joy of Sadness. Subjective reality is a perspective that allows you to tap into the joy behind every negative emotion.

Solipsism = degenerate, partial lucidity

Solipsism, like subjective reality, also recognizes the dream nature of reality. However, solipsism assumes that your dream character (aka your in-dream ego) is in fact the real you and is somehow creating the other characters as a projection of its own ego. Solipsism doesnít recognize the existence of the outer dreamer in which the whole experience is taking place. It assumes everything is emanating from the dream ego and that there is no outer dreamer.

This perspective regards your dream character as real and conscious, but the other dream characters are just projections and are not conscious by themselves. Subjective reality, on the other hand, sees ALL the dream characters (including yours) as equal projections of the outer dreamer, and no character is more or less valid or conscious than any other character; theyíre all just projections of a larger consciousness.

Imagine youíre playing a video game where you control a particular character who can move around within the game world. That character is your avatar. Solipsism is the perspective that says your avatar is the only thing in the game thatís real, and the whole simulation is somehow a product of your avatarís mind or ego.

Maybe you can find some value in the perspective of solipsism, but I donít find it particularly useful. To me it seems objectively unprovable and subjectively disempowering. Even so, I tried holding it for a while, but it just didnít feel right to me.

Subjective reality filtered through an objective lens is not subjective reality

When people tell me theyíre concerned that seeing the world through the lens of subjective reality will make them feel lonely or depressed, I know theyíre really talking about solipsism. Solipsism is basically what you get when you try to interpret subjective reality through an objective lens. If you filter reality through the objective lens and then pass the result of that filtering through the subjective lens, you end up with essentially nothing. Itís like taking the output of your eyes and then running it through your ears. What happens when you try to listen to blue? You get nothingness, the null set.

If you wish to grasp the perspective of subjective reality, you have to put down the objective lens first. You can run both filters in parallel, but if you try to run them sequentially, youíll never get it. I know this isnít easy to do, and I completely sympathize with those who find this a frustrating endeavor. Imagine if you were born deaf and then suddenly gained your hearing after decades of filtering reality through your visual sense. It might take a lot of practice before you could successfully rely on your hearing in parallel with your vision.

What helped me most through this process was that I was an experienced lucid dreamer for years before I began to explore the perspective of subjective reality. I already had the experience of distinguishing between non-lucid (objective perspective) dreams vs. lucid (subjective perspective) dreams. I think that gave me a major head start in being able to apply these same perspectives to physical reality. If youíve never experienced lucid dreaming or astral projection, I imagine it would be much harder to understand subjective reality. When the objective perspective is all youíve ever known, itís hard to even conceive of other, independent perceptual filters. Itís like trying to explain hearing to a deaf person. How can you explain sound in terms of sight, smell, etc? But thatís essentially what Iím trying to do when I write about subjective reality through an objective medium. The people that are able to grasp it easily are usually those whoíve already had some experience with it. For everyone else the best I can do is provide a pointer to the experience, but my words can never adequately describe the real experience.

The only conscious being in the universe?

I sometimes stumble upon people writing on their blogs, ďSteve believes in subjective reality. He thinks heís the only conscious being in the universe.Ē Thatís false on two levels. First, it assumes that I equate my identity with subjective reality, meaning that I donít also perceive reality through the objective lens. In fact I rely on both lenses just as I rely on both my eyesight and hearing. The subjective perspective runs in parallel to the objective one. Itís like playing a video game ó you know youíre playing a game, but you simultaneously perceive the game world through the eyes of your in-game avatar, so the game is experienced both subjectively and objectively. At any given time, you may temporarily focus on one perspective more than another, just as you may focus on your hearing more than your eyesight under certain conditions. But at no time do you ever lose access to other perspectives or senses.

Secondly, such statements confuse subjective reality with solipsism. While solipsism is a distinct perspective from subjective reality, personally I donít find solipsism very practical, accurate, or empowering. To say that I believe this Steve persona is the only conscious being in the universe is simply untrue. I donít perceive consciousness as being centered within my ego.

Hopefully you can see that solipsism is not remotely the same thing as the subjective reality perspective Iím describing. Subjective reality is lucidity, but solipsism keeps you trapped in the dream world by making the assumption that your dream ego is somehow the real you. Consequently, I consider solipsism to be a degenerate, partial lucidity.

I notice a lot of people these days try to utilize the Law of Attraction while harboring a perspective thatís pretty close to solipsism. They hold a semi-objective view of the world, but they assume their creative power lies within their individual ego. Their results are often dismal. Then you get the hard-core objectivists attacking such people as loons. Oh well.

Subjective reality and creativity

Some people fear that perceiving physical reality through the subjective lens will somehow mess up their lives or make them do stupid things. I suspect such people have never had a lucid dream. For me the adoption of the subjective lens was like gaining a new physical sense. Imagine being deaf your whole life and then gradually learning to hear. The process can be confusing at first, but it isnít going to cost you your eyesight, and it certainly wonít switch off your common sense. If you can make sense of the new perceptual input coming through, itís a very empowering and amazing experience.

If you can pull it off, I think youíll find the addition of the subjective viewpoint to be very empowering, much like gaining a new physical sense. Eyesight, hearing, and other physical senses are perceptive filters, but theyíre also creative ones. Similarly, the subjective perspective can greatly enhance your creative ability. Imagine cooking a meal without your sense of smell or writing a play without being able to hear. Sure, you could do it, but the output will probably be bland and mono-dimensional. The perspective of subjective reality adds a certain spiciness to life, both in terms of perception and creation. By gaining a new input channel, you also gain new output channels.

When youíre having a dream and you become lucid, your ability to make the dream world ďbetterĒ increases dramatically. I find that when Iím lucid dreaming, I can do a lot more, but I still have limits. The empowering perspective of lucidity gives me access to new abilities I wouldnít otherwise possess, but I still have to practice in order to build skill. The dream doesnít automatically switch to full ďGod mode.Ē Iíve been lucid dreaming since 1994, and there are still many things I canít do very well. Overall the lucid perspective is very empowering, but itís still fun and interesting at times to pay attention to the objective perspective too.

Accuracy vs. popularity

The main issue with the subjective reality perspective is that itís not very common or popular. That doesnít make it invalid, but it does mean that if you choose to pursue it, youíre likely to encounter people who think itís invalid because theyíve never experienced itÖ or theyíve experienced something like solipsism and assume youíre on a similar degenerate path. If you live in a world where most people are deaf, and you gradually begin to hear sounds, how will you explain your new perceptions to others? Good luck! Theyíll probably think youíre daft. Iím not saying you shouldnít try ó Iím obviously willing to make the attempt ó but donít be surprised when you witness some resistance from the other dream characters. Youíll have to ask yourself which is more important to you: accuracy or popularity.

"We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn it is God who is shaking them." - Think or Sink
"If you could do it all over again, would you?"
"You'd rather hang out with me than your girlfriend?"
"I don't like hanging out with her unless she's naked."
ďThe strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them.Ē - Gene Roddenberry
"Capitalism doesn't want to solve the world's problems; it wants to make a business out of them."
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." - Voltaire
ďA lie told often enough becomes the truth.Ē - Lenin


the meaning of the universe


The problem is you are hard-wired by evolution to need to do things for people. Everybody for the last five thousand years seemed to realize this and then we suddenly forgot it in the last few decades. We get suicidal teens and scramble to teach them self-esteem. Well, unfortunately, self-esteem and the ability to like yourself only come after you've done something that makes you likable. You can't bullshit yourself. If I think Todd over here is worthless for sitting in his room all day, drinking Pabst and playing video games one-handed because he's masturbating with the other one, what will I think of myself if I do the same thing?


{The oppressor`s most powerful weapon is the mind of the oppressed.} {If you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows.} {To see who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.} {When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.} {Be the change you want to see in the world.}

{People won\'t care what you know until they know that you care.}

{Unhappiness comes from needing or fearing a certain outcome. Happiness comes from not caring about outcomes.}{Everything you need is around you. The only danger is inside you.}

Ari: Dear Stranger, I think we need to talk. My mom always told me never to talk to you, even if you offered me candy. The news tells me not to trust youĖthat you will kidnap, rape, rob, or kill me given half the chance. But I never believed those lies. I know youíre just like me, trying to make your world turn as best as you can. I know you have dreams, ideas, and favorite recipes just like me. You might even have some insight to share that will make my life better. Maybe you know my future partner. Maybe you know the solution to something Iíve been trying to figure out for a long while. Sometimes I run into you at parties, bars, and parks. All over, really. I know we just never get a chance to really sit down together. Get intimate. You just always look so busy, and I donít want to intrude. You might think Iím crazy, or hitting on you or something. But Iím not. Because the thing is, youíre really easy to talk to. I can really be myself around you. I can tell you anything, things even my closest friends donít know. I can be really honest. Technology is changing so fast now. There are so many new ways we can communicate. We can trade books, furniture, stories, sexual partners, and ideologies. But it still feels so impersonal. I find myself staring at my computer, isolated, as you walk by my window. Iím tired of the silent treatment. I hate pretending to ignore you, not knowing when and if to smile when you pass. I donít want to feel afraid when I hear your footsteps behind me at night. Well, itís time for a change. Come over for dinner. Letís sit down, eat, and finally have a chance to really talk. I think this will be a great opportunity for us. In fact, it might save the world, or at least help us work better together. Next week, letís do it at your house. All my love, Ari

Ari: Religion throughout history was and still is used as a tool to absolve peopleís conscience and motivate for war. Thereís no money in curing people: Pharmaceutical companies have a legal obligation to their shareholders to suppress cures for disease. Black, Hispanic, Catholic, Jewish, etc arenít races: Human is a race. If something is profitable; weíre told itís Ďgood for usí. Government = Organized Crime. History is written by the winners. The best slaves are the ones that think theyíre free.

I asked everyone I came across what their life was like. Did they like what they were doing? How did they do it? Why did they like it? How did they get to that point? What did they do before? What were the obstacles? What were the perks? What were the downfalls?

With a thousand eyes AND a good DISGUISE, HIT THEM right between the eyes, hit them right between the eyes.


1000 * (100/99)^458 is only 212 less than 100,000
1000 * (100/99)^69 = 2000
sixty nine baby

Marconi Union - Weightless (Official Video)

At all times, everything you do, you are developing habits.
Habits are automatic, no matter what your changing state of mind is....
Pretty sure that's the whole point of the universe, ONE ROBOT'S DREAM...
how many people want to put a stop to your plans? what are your plans? how many people want to assist you?
Fear shows where you need the most growth
I can't decide if I hate myself or love myself.
Only dead fish go with the flow.
most predictable responses: denial, "you have no balls" when you refuse to be controlled by them. lol. no, you have no balls if you see a hot female and don't make an attempt at her.
love is the lesson...
life is the teacher...
life priorities.....

A man should look for what is and not for what he thinks should be.
Albert Einstein


what are the biggest problems you have, and how can i help?
what changes would you like to see in society/yourself, if any?
what's the most important thing you've ever learned?
what are your life goals, and why?

gunfight yolo putrid freon jumping music dearest fragmented construction hyphenated ij ij ij ij ji jim jimaca jamaica warburg hamburg cheeseburger chicken girls big tits in my dreams make my dream a reality what is my dream what do i want besides girls? what else? play music, poker, need to make money? united gratification boring book imagination crazy technology need people to make technology to make love need to eat fuck breathe sleep live MUSIC MUSIC IS CUM I C SUM MUSIC U IS MC I M SUC CUS I M Sup. I M U Cuz NEED MORE PEOPLE ASAP
MIC US I SCUM ICU Make Sound It's about finding someone else besides yourself to love. First you must love yourself, before you can love others. But before that, you must recieve God's love for you. Only then do you even know what Love is.

step 1. receive god's love.
step 2. love god.
step 3. love yourself.
step 4. love everyone else. like those sexy ladies in your dreams.

it's about knowing someone else, that is not you. thats the whole point. Learning To Love. Overcome the mother fucking FEAR.



E-Journaling. Otherwise known as: blogging. writing stories. creative output. girls on your dick, face tits deep. one of those things may or may not cause the other. i have decided i must be happy. sure there are many things i could think about and be unhappy, such as the lack of any genuine human friendship/love/emotions/laughter. gotta get that shit happening. gotta find something in common with people, an excuse to hang out. maybe because im just so fucking cool im tired of myself, so its time to see what other people are like? yea thats good sure, go with that. maybe i could try to learn the secrets of the universe, build an ungerground lair, a spaceship, a boat, a shack in the woods, electricity, rocket boots, cloning machine? portals?

agent smith was the fucking man, the opposite of neo. he multiplied the fuck out of myself by punching someone and turning them into a clone of himself. he fought against deletion. he fought against fucking neo himself, millions of smiths vs one neo.
actually he wasn't a man, he was a machine, seeking answers like neo because he was "infected" by him.
ROFL AEEV = Rolling on floor laughing and eating electrical vomit
intelligence is rewarded by love
love is bestowed using money
money makes it rain, people go insane, Affects the brain, abel and cain, no pain no gain, get out of my lane mane old man with a cane
courage nurtures intelligence
anger forces courage to develop.
anger....what is that? ever felt it? or are you some kind of inhuman robot?
i must be some kind of inhuman ..... nah just a huge coward, its ok. not your fault? or wait... i think it might be. lack of energy causes cowardice. lack of sleep caused by lack of life? lack of life caused by lack of love of life and self? or does courage require honesty?
must eat more food? make more money? or help more people. yes, that one. do that by being a genuine friend.
The scammers have verizon on their side. They call me with a scam, i call the number back, verizon says its a non working number. holy fuck, yall. has verizon ranked you lower than a scammer?


But if it's a computer, then what is it computing? Lloyd's answer is that it's computing "its own dynamical evolution," but we prefer to believe that reality up to this point is just the loading screen for the most kickass MMORPG of all time.
The whole of reality will just turn into one big Zach Morris time stop, minus a sassy teenaged guy speaking directly to an implied television audience. We won't even be aware of what's happened. Everything will work one second and won't the next. We'll all just be frozen in place, completely still. Forever and ever. If nothing else, this should be good incentive for you to literally shit or get off the pot, because you run the risk of being immortalized like that forever.


A crowd of as many people as possible. Two microphones. Two random people grab the mics. A thrid person, the moderator, turns the mics on and off, tells people when to step down, calls up new people, and everybody in the crowd gets at least 1 minute to just speak their mind to the whole crowd, and the guy with the other mic waits until he feels like interrupting with his own bit, and then they can debate, discuss, give the mic to someone else, etc. All types of viewpoints, YES, EVEN THE NAZIS, are allowed. Even spammers... in real life...? But of course, the crowd is free to boo or cheer anyone. It will be a TRUE free speech event, and I (or someone reading this) will organize this shit. It will have nothing to do with politics, but I'm sure SOME people there will use their 1 minute on the mic to bring up politics. They could just as well try stand up comedy.
It would be a good place to publicly shame people, such as pedophiles.

muddy funk

bike riding music

electric messiah


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