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There is a message area with 100 pages available to type onto.
Remember the PAGE NUMBER of whatever page you type onto or enjoyed viewing, to return to it later. This is shown at the top of the page.
Also in the top right, the top row of buttons shows the pages with the most recent activity. (Not this page here, the message area page.)
Click here to go to the message area.

There is also a numbermaze game which is under construction.
To see its progress, click here.

To play heads up vs a CPU in no limit hold em, to shuffle a deck into combinations of hands ranked best to worst,
to calculate a prize pool based on number of entrants and buy in, or to see factors of any number less than 1 million,
click here.

Important Websites:
How To Change The World
About Ron Paul
A = 432 hz

I know this site STILL doesn't have any actual poker tables, or even private messaging, but those are next on the to-do list.
In the meantime, please leave a text contribution in the message area.


Jan 2018: -$100
Feb 2018: -$100
Mar 2018: -$100
Apr 2018: -$100
Total: -$400